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Kurt's life isn't at all what he wanted. He is stuck in an unexpected relationship with his dreams almost permanently on hold and a job he took mostly out of desperation. But a trip to L.A. to get the autograph of his favorite television star might just change his entire life - but will it change for the better?






M rating for smut, kinks, bondage, D/S situations, toys, and voyeurism

Character Death rating is for past character death meaning two characters that are important to the story line are already deceased.

A lot of this story is not what it seems...please keep that in mind. :)

Also, one of my characters who plays a big part is named Mia. I promise, this had nothing to do with Mia Swier. When I first started writing this story, I was really not in the know about Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, or anything regarding their personal lives. Mia happened to be the name of a girl who was a real thorn in my side during high school, as she was going after a guy I really liked, and eventually became his girlfriend. It was the first name I thought of when I started writing this, and I couldn't find another one I liked better.

Categories: Klaine, Angst, AU, Character Death, Drama, FutureFic, Hurt/Comfort, Kink, Multi-Chapter, Romance, Tragedy
Characters: Adam, Blaine Anderson, Burt Hummel, Carole Hummel-Hudson, Chandler, David Karofsky, Finn Hudson, Hunter Clarington, Jeff, Kurt Hummel, Nick, OC, Rachel Berry, Sebastian Smythe, Thad
Series: None
Chapters: 55 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 220326 Read Count: 4995
[Report This] Published: November 24, 2013 Updated: March 19, 2017

Kurt is in a rut - alone and on his own in New York, craving human contact, but always somehow finding himself climbing back into his ex-boyfriend's bed. He doesn't necessarily need a relationship, just a good lay every once in a while. Along comes Sebastian Smythe with an offer Kurt just can't seem to refuse. (Inspired by a tumblr anon prompt 'f**k buddies')

Categories: Hurt/Comfort, Kurtbastian, Angst, AU, Drama, FutureFic, Romance
Characters: Blaine Anderson, Chandler, Jesse St. James, Kurt Hummel, Sebastian Smythe
Series: None
Chapters: 3 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 12230 Read Count: 281
[Report This] Published: May 25, 2015 Updated: May 25, 2015

Kurt's fiance is leading a secret double-life, and Kurt is not happy about it at all.

Categories: Romance, Kurtbastian, Angst, AU, Drabble, Drama, Established Relationship, Friendship, General, Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Chandler, Kurt Hummel, Sebastian Smythe
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 1568 Read Count: 213
[Report This] Published: September 27, 2014 Updated: September 27, 2014
Summary: Past Featured Story

Cut off from his family and his inheritance, Sebastian Smythe is left with no other choice than to get the only job he can find - as a Fed-Ex delivery driver. He's taking over a route with a client that has been driving other delivery drivers insane. Desperate for a job, Sebastian could care less, because who in the world can out bitch Sebastian Smythe? None other than Kurt Hummel. Everyone thinks Kurt Hummel is a shut-in. He doesn't like people. He strives for perfection. He's obsessive compulsive, and has strange rituals. But it seems to Sebastian that Kurt is hiding a secret, one he's itching to find out. It would be much easier if he wasn't falling in love with him instead.


This is a romantic hurt/comfort story with the twist of being a suspense/mystery.


M rating for sexual situations including rutting, fingering, topping and bottoming; past emotional and physical abuse, as well as obsessive compulsive behaviors.

Warning for being Adam Crawford/David Karofsky/Chandler Kiehl unfriendly. Also warning for mention of Eli C.

Categories: Kurtbastian, Action/Adventure, Angst, AU, Drama, FutureFic, Hurt/Comfort, Multi-Chapter, Mystery, Non-con, Romance, Suspense
Characters: Blaine Anderson, Chandler, David Karofsky, Kurt Hummel, Mr. Smythe (Sebastian's Father), Mrs. Smythe (Sebastian's Mother), OC, Sebastian Smythe
Series: Deliver Me
Chapters: 32 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 153253 Read Count: 14141
[Report This] Published: November 03, 2013 Updated: February 04, 2014


This is an AU. Burt Hummel, Elizabeth Badgely, Marc Anderson and Pricilla Dagnall were all best friends and went to high school together and now Burt and Elizabeth were married and Marc and Pricilla were married, they both had beautiful families and were neighbors. One day Marc offered to take Elizabeth Hummel to pick up their two boys at school because he had gotten off work early. They had gotten the boys and were on their way home, both boys singing happily in the back seat. They were stopped at a red light and when the green light came Marc started to turn to the left and they were hit by a drunk driver in a huge pick-up truck on the driver's side. The force was so bad that it killed Marc instantly and Elizabeth ended up dying in the hospital later that same day, her injuries being too severe to be saved. Marc's son Blaine Anderson six at the time had been on the driver's side of the car in the back and he was seriously injured, required surgery. (Trapped under the driver's seat, internal bleeding and broken bones) Elizabeth's son Kurt Hummel who was eight at the time had received a broken arm, concussion and a severe broken nose.

Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel remained best friends through all of this and were there for each other whenever they need the other, while Pricilla started to distance herself from the Hummel's but when Blaine turned thirteen he told Burt and Kurt that his mom got a new boyfriend and that they were moving in with his family. Shortly after they moved in with Pricilla's new boyfriend, Robert Firol, he announced that he had gotten a new job out west and asked Pricilla if she wanted to marry him and she accepted so her and Blaine went with Robert and his son Aaron Firol. Kurt was heart-broken, he had just admitted his feelings for Blaine, and wanted Blaine to be his boyfriend, Kurt was the only one Blaine had officially told that he was gay after Kurt had come out to his dad and Blaine and his mom. Robert told Kurt the day they were leaving that he didn't want him to contact Blaine at all and didn't really let them have a proper goodbye, despite Burt's pleads to Pricilla not to do this to the boys she ignored him and said that was her wishes too, not to contact them ever again.

Kurt developed Depression which led to Anorexia. Burt sent Kurt to Vision Creek High School, a school for troubled teens in the wilderness of Montana. Kurt has been there since he turned sixteen. Burt didn't know how to help Kurt but this school promised they could. One day Blaine Anderson shows up at Vision Creek, broken, and not the boy Kurt remembers from two years ago. Could so much happen in two years to change such a bubbly, happy, full of life boy? Blaine acts like he doesn't know who Kurt is. Can Kurt get through to him?



Categories: Klaine, Angst, AU, Drama, Drug/Alcohol Use, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Multi-Chapter, Romance
Characters: Blaine Anderson, Brittany S. Pierce, Burt Hummel, Carole Hummel-Hudson, Chandler, Cooper Anderson, David Karofsky, Emma Pillsbury, Finn Hudson, Hunter Clarington, Jeff, Kurt Hummel, Mercedes Jones, Mr. Anderson (Blaine's Father), Mr. Smythe (Sebastian's Father), Mrs. Anderson (Blaine's Mother), Mrs. Smythe (Sebastian's Mother), Nick, Noah Puckerman, OC, Quinn Fabray, Rachel Berry, Santana Lopez, Sebastian Smythe, Shannon Beiste, Sugar Motta, Trent, Will Schuester
Series: None
Chapters: 2 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 7347 Read Count: 107
[Report This] Published: February 23, 2013 Updated: February 23, 2013
Can't Be Friends by pinefir Rated: PG-13 [Reviews - 13]

Sebastian is in college, studying for himself and not for others when he surprises friends and family with his choice of attending Cornell in Ithaca. Kurt on the other hand, gets successful with his NYADA auditions and is now studying to become a part of Broadway. they bump into each other inNYC due to some circumstances and they shake off their rivalry.Even four hours apart and kilometers away from each other, they grow into their friendship and come to see each other in different light. It shouldn't be a problem, but for Sebastian it is, because he can never really become friends with Kurt.

Categories: Sebklaine, Kurtbastian, Klaine, Angst, AU, Established Relationship, Friendship, Multi-Chapter, Romance
Characters: Blaine Anderson, Chandler, Finn Hudson, Kurt Hummel, Rachel Berry, Santana Lopez, Sebastian Smythe
Series: None
Chapters: 2 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 13501 Read Count: 5806
[Report This] Published: October 31, 2012 Updated: October 31, 2012

What Sebastian gives Kurt; what Kurt gives Sebastian.

Categories: Kurtbastian, FutureFic, Romance
Characters: Chandler
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 1193 Read Count: 564
[Report This] Published: June 08, 2012 Updated: June 08, 2012

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