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Penname: thebatterwitch [Contact] Real name: Sami
Member Since: June 16, 2012
Membership status: Member

Your name is SAMI.

You are SOME years old. You are currently taking your NEWTS somewhere in Scotland, something that you have to admit you're getting kind of bored of, and it's kind of starting to stress you out. You also feel the need to add that you are a quarter Irish Scot.

Your current obsession is GLEE, the pairing KLAINE in particular, as is obvious by how much gif you reblog. So, naturally, you are a huge fan of CHRIS COLFER and DARREN CRISS, despite the fact that they are LIFE RUINERS.You are also extremely fond of HARRY POTTER, TEAM STARKID, TORCHWOOD , DOCTOR WHO , and ANY AND ALL CATS. You are tentatively taking a few steps into the HOMESTUCK fandom as well, and you have to admit, that it's PRETTY DAMN AWESOME so far.

You will ship PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING, but your OTP will forever and always be KLAINE. In fact, the only ship you don't ship at all apart from the incest ones is KURTOFSKY. This shit makes you feel sick, though, you can see them as friends.

You are a LIBRA, making your patron troll TEREZI PYROPE. Your chumHandle is beautifullyTragic, and you type however your mood dictates, though usually with pretty good spelling and grammar, although you are a little alzy when it comes to fixing typos at times, You also type with a D4SH OF H3R QU1RK

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